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Cameryn Porter

Cameryn   Porter
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    Hi there! My name is Cameryn Porter and I am an associate broker at Supreme Realty Group. Before starting my career in real estate I had
    always considered real estate to be a hobby of mine. While attending college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, I began to notice that my friends and family would always come to me for advice or assistance when looking for their next home. I seemed to have a knack for finding people a home that fits their needs, in the location they were looking for, and at the price they wanted. I eventually decided to turn my hobby and passion for real estate into a career that I now LOVE! I love that real estate has given me the opportunity to not only work with friends and family to find them their dream home but also to meet and work with new people who then become like family. As a Colorado native who has lived in the Denver Metro area for most of my life, I have great knowledge of several neighborhoods from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins! I love a challenge, so I will never shy away from what may seem like an intimidating or daunting task. Seeing buyers come to me as skeptics just to find out that their dream home is totally obtainable is something I will never get over! On the other side, sellers often come to me overwhelmed by the intimidating process of getting their home market-ready. Selling your home can bring on a ton of different emotions, which is why I like to take on all the heavy lifting to make the process smooth and simple for my clients. By closing time, sellers are always astounded by how their transaction progressed with such ease. When I am not doing the real estate grind, you can find me spending time with family and friends enjoying some of the many awesome things Colorado has to offer! During my time in Fort Collins, I developed a taste for craft beers so it 's not uncommon to find me spending my free time on a patio somewhere with a cold one! I played competitive softball for 18 years and have since found enjoyment in other forms of fitness like hiking, indoor cycling, and barre classes. I am a huge animal lover. I grew up with several pets, from dogs and cats to ferrets and guinea pigs and I am pleasantly surprised with how many furry friends I get to meet working in real estate! My most recognizable feature is my long red hair which is why I have dubbed myself “The Redhead Realtor!” I am so fortunate to have found a career that I am passionate about. I work with an awesome team of experts who all have YOUR best interests at heart. We cannot wait to get to know you and help you with all your real estate needs. Welcome to the Supreme Family!

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