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Real Estate is Jenelle’s passion and providing the best possible customer service is her trademark. As the owner and managing broker of Supreme Realty Group, Jenelle is serious about her company and everyone in it. She understands that Real Estate changes all the time and you have to change with it but your values and your compassion for what you do should always remain the same. She had a vision of what she wanted Supreme Realty Group to stand for and she has spent her entire career making it happen. The name itself says it all.

“Supreme” stands for the level of service you will get from every agent in the company and “Group” represents the amount of experts they know and work with that can take care of a client’s every need. Once you work with them you will understand that they keep it light-hearted and happy but get the job done every time. The agents are not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done even if it means getting in the dirt and doing the job themselves. You will not find another company that takes care of you the way Supreme Realty Group does.

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